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old old! heh would be nice to reduce it but it's going to be hard get a new hard drive yeah, even if I have a SSD, sometimes, the access time is still 1s (it was the bottleneck) same than the Intel SSD still can you replace it? yes, one was almost complete at least, they are in the sparebox for a month in the other case, I need to reformat… back to the windows and gnome desktop how much room do you have left on the disk? 2GB I assume you have a spare SSD that's empty what's on it right now? I had a 5GB disk, but it's now my TV disk (so the PC is on it). No need to access it directly didrocks: I heard HD are pretty cheap these days Laney: yes, but the 20GB one cost 200€ oh? Laney: they are about 400€ but the price is fluctuating around 400€ that's not too bad I will buy a new one then :) I can't really recommend one though why? got no idea what the difference is between that and a regular one they're quite different looking and you get the experience of how noisy they can be and how they hold up to wear & tear yeah, I know about that :) maybe get something in the 500GB range though I'll be glad to be rid of my 2TB now yeah, I will look for that




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Download Mastercam X5 Full Crack 64-bit Firefox warhea
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